Get a badge by fulfilling some silly achievements!

(Those that don't have an icon yet will have one in the future. We come up with names faster that we can draw!)

5+ Subthemes
Yeah, that's a good start.
10+ Subthemes
Epicness at its finest! Impressive!
15+ Subthemes
Waouw!! Is it still a game?
20+ Subthemes
How is it even possible?
25+ Subthemes
The 4th Wall


Time for Aimbot

Just blame lag.

Perfect timing

Game uploaded 10 minutes or less before the end of the jam.

One (wo)man made

Who needs friends anyway?

No Direct-X updates

No graphics, because it's the inner beauty that matters.

Not a bug but a feature

Glitches are good for your soul.

Zero Subthemes

You didn’t know what the Epic Game Jam is all about, did you?

Michael Bayed

Explosions and more explosions.


A brown-haired muscular white guy who kills people to save the world from villains.

Epilepsy's screening

More colours than nature can handle.


Should we rather say a tribute?


May contain nudity.

Jammers are human too

Romance is in the air.

Game of the internet

KITTIES ! Cuteness rhymes with epicness.

Late Bird
You were late, but that's ok.
Honorable Mention
This game totally deserved a badge, for one reason or another.
Friendship ruined

Every multiplayer game should be designed like Mario Party.

Good old times
A kidnapped princess in a castle.
No release announcement yet.
Google won't like it

Title of the game contains at least 70 characters.

Temps présent

All this time spent playing video games turned you into this.


May require a massive amount of skills.

Just one finger please

Smokers will love it.

Neverending fantasy

Includes complex hairstyles or/and existentialist topics.

Dat groove

It changes everything.

Nothing to lose

Time to relax.

Out of control

Usual ways of interacting have no power here.

Please try again

Nothing related with the main theme... really?

Social justice warrior

Games can be serious too.

Turn the lights off

It's just a game... just a game... just a... AAAARRGHH!


The world may not be ready for your endless creativity.