Super Xario the Spanish Electrician and his Super Awesome Quest for Colorful Shapes



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Time-Lapse Development Video

A game by ZYXer

Genre: Weird Platformer
City: Zurich
Country: CH
Edition: 2017
Live Event: MuDA

Guide Super Xario on his super awesome quest for colorful shapes!

But Super Xario has priorities. Only shapes of one type and one color will be added to your score. The other shapes and colors will be subtracted from your score. Can you get a positive score???


W/A/S/D or Arrow keys to move

Space to shoot peaceful weapon


  • How do I fire the shotgun?
    Press SPACE
  • What can I shoot with the shotgun?
    Nothing. What would make you think that you can shoot anything? Violent video games have obviously had a very harmful effect on you!


  • Programming, Graphics and Map Design by Henry Raymond
  • Game Design Concept by Jerome "Max Power"
  • Music by Lukas Fretz