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Register for Neuchâtel

(The form is in French but we welcome everyone!)

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28–30 June 2024
Friday, 28 June at 22:00 – Sunday, 30 June at 17:00 (CEST)

Gear up for a ! Dive into the and create a game by squeezing in as many as you can! Bathe in the awesomeness of a , surrounded by for a chill weekend.

That's where epic stuff happens.

We stream the whole event live on Twitch.

We post during the epic event.

We occasionally tweet.

We now accept your money to support the event.

Ville de NeuchâtelCase à ChocsVNVKlakmiochKlakmiochBiohof Rotmoos

There were some changes with our finances this year. If you want to support Epic Game Jam, you're more than welcome to donate. We'll use the money to make future events even more epic!