Epic Game Jam #12

rules 1

Here's a few guidelines we strongly recommend you to follow in order to deliver an EGJ PRO™ Edition compliant game.

main theme

This is the very foundation of your work, the pillar on which you will build up everything. So needless to say you have to use the main theme into your game... somehow. Indeed, you're free to imagine any way you want to take profit from the main theme. Free your creative self, get inspired! Listen to your productive instincts!


Our dear product owner will probably have great ideas on how to improve your games. One could say: it's like "subthemes". The more you achieve to add into your game, the more marketing friendly your product will become. There's no better way to please the product owner!


All games have to get published on our website before the end of the final countdown. The Official Epic Team needs then a little bit of time to review them all before launching the debriefing meeting, on Twitch. This online event will be participative, and all jammers are invited to join. The CEO approved the productivity drop that will happen when you all watch it. It's ok. Games will be played and their marketing values assessed. Be sure to stay in touch by following us on social media! It would be a shame to miss such a debriefing opportunity.

If by any chance you need more information, don't hesitate to shoot us an email at hello@epicgamejam.com. We will do our best to provide you with all the info you may need.