Brody's First Time

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A Space Invader game by Bromigos

from Geneva Switzerland


10+ Subthemes Good old times The 4th Wall Savannah

Hey! Wussup Dawg! Have I ever told you the story of that virgin bro's first time? Brody was a rocket scientist that never really had the swag with girls, if you know what I'm sayin'. When he finally met the one, he was up and ready, aight'.

But he wasn't the only one that was ready and up to the job. A freaking badass alien stole the squeeze, and flew back to his home to share the prize with his bros, you know what I'm sayin'!

Brody pushed by the hornyness of a first-timer took his space dude gear and decided to beat the living crap out of all the galaxy to get back his biatch..... ahem sorry...girlfiend!

Well now, it's time for business!