THE CAT GAME for non-colorblind felinophiles (and masochistic colorblind felinophobes)


Web (HTML5)

A game by ZYXer


5+ Subthemes Game of the internet One (wo)man made Google won't like it

Genre: Real-time strategy
City: Zurich
Country: CH
Edition: 2016
Live Event:

Defend the red couch and pillows from the green cats!


Use cat food and catnip to interact with the cats:

  • Cat food
    • Used on couch/pillow:
      > Create a new cat
    • Used on pile of cat food:
      > Assign a cat to collect cat food
    • Used on catnip plant:
      > Assign a cat to collect catnip
    • Used on free tile:
      > Attract nearby cats
  • Catnip
    • Used on tile with cats:
      > Cats will get high and will try to take over neutral and enemy pillows and couch.


  • Arrow key/WASD. around map
  • P: pause/unpause
  • M: mute/unmute