C.O.R.P. Inc.

created @Interlope


To the Professional Corporate Website

A Corporate Visual Novel - Pro edition. game by C.O.R.P. Inc.

from 1700 Fribourg Switzerland

The time has finally come to show the world that you have true EPIC CORPORATE SPIRIT.

Join the C.O.R.P. Inc, (Corporation of Outstanding Reputation and Profits) taskforce, become a VALUABLE EMPLOYEE, on your way to achieving ULTIMATE CORPORATE DRONE STATUS, and even being promoted to UPPER MANAGEMENT! 

But that's not all there is! On our beautiful PROFESSIONAL WEBSITE, you will be able to BUY MERCH so that you can show your EPIC CORPORATE SPIRIT wherever you go. 

If you enjoyed playing this beautiful CORPORATE ADVENTURE, and want to become EVEN MORE PROFESSIONAL, you will be able to PURCHASE THE DLC, Day 3. 

So sit straight, do not relax, and make sure you read the instructions provided to you on the website. A good employee makes sure to read everything. You never know what you could miss, otherwise. 


Game language: English
Platforms: PC, Mac
Main game engine: Microsoft Powerpoint (required)
Secondary game engine: Construct3
Additional technology: Woocommerce. Wordpress. 
Controller: Mouse


--- game credits --- 

Qui: Lead game designer. Powerpoint expert. Head of Marketing
Shanti: Lead DLC game designer.Game art. Head of HR. 
Derin: Lead DLC artist. Game art. Head of Accounting. 
Lucien: Lead web designer. Lead web developer. CEO.
Gwenäelle: Lead story writer. Game art. Head of R&D

--- Important note --- 

While this game is intended as a humorous depiction of Corporate Life gone wrong, workplaces can be a very hostile environment. Gaslighting. Sexual Harassment. Using "loyalty to the job" as a means to pressure workers to put their physical and mental well-being in danger in order to make them work harder, in a bad environment. This is a travesty. If a workplace is toxic, physically or mentally, please, take action.Your job can and will replace you. Your family and friends can't. If any of this resonates with you, please, seek help. While therapy can be expensive and seeking out help in person can be uncomfortable, ressources such as betterhelp.com can provide some guidance.