Feature Creeper




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A Meta horror decision-based tower-defense game by Team Feature Creeper

from Melbourne Australia

Choose which feature you allow to be implemented and fight off the others in this hectic 3D horror-themed game of defense. How will you PRIORITIZE and scope your game?

See itch.io page for full description!

We found an application for ALL the #blueteam subthemes within our game (may still be buggy)!

Each feature creep corresponds to a feature, and if they reach your building they might become a game-changing feature for the next round!

  • treasure - you have to collect the treasure chest before you can close the gates!
  • peacefull weapons - weapon is now a love weapon that lowers your feature creep meter
  • thing generator - generates things
  • castles - castle walls around gamedev studio
  • small world - shrinks player
  • teeth - teeth monsters follow you around!
  • main theme sucks - more countdown time. worry less about gate priorities
  • show me what you've got - censored nude model appears. interact to lower meter
  • planets - affects gravity
  • one more time - no features spawn next round
  • catch it - catch falling balls to gain speed
  • behemoth - super-sizes player and spawns behemoth monsters
  • blue ocean & lake - blue-filter
  • forest - spawns trees
  • worm hole - teleport between locations using wormholes!
  • mini-skirts - wolf-whistle (interact) to lower meter
  • bomber guy - explode you away when you get close!
  • be offensive! - your weapon range is bigger (get it? offense?)
  • fluffy - cats everywhere!
  • reverse - inverts your mouselook (definitely try and stop this one!)
  • punk - your extra punk aggression increases your speed
  • silhouette - scary shadows (like in the title screen!)
  • lavander - you spelt lavender wrong. so these are lava flowers that cause bloom effect