The First Crossbow

The First Crossbow
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The First Crossbow


5+ Subthemes Savannah Michael Bayed

How to open game

1) unzip the zip (
2) open the folder 'epiGameJam'
3) open the folder 'Bin'
4) open the file 'epicGameJam.swf'
5) feel the achievement of being able to open the game
6) play the game
7) do a "obama not bad" meme face
8) repeat



Move with WASD, aim and shoot with mouse. Soldiers are dangerous! Get drunk and throw up, eat bacon and shoot fast, save the girls from being raped (you might get a kiss)! If you’re lucky you may find the nyan-rainbow duck! Shoot that piece of shit down! Also, watch out for turkeys they are fucking OP and they don’t even care. Save the babies, because they are not guilty of anything! Don’t forget your masters training! Use F to perform HADOUKEN! Use SPACE to perform ASS to ASS teleport. I know what was your initial thought, and no, not explicit material. Atleast not for this move. ;)


WASD - Movement
Space - Ass to Ass teleport
F - Hoduken
Mouse - Shoot and aim


dont play around little kids

SrGrafo (artist)
Mihael (programmer)
The Holy Spirit (coucher)