First Time Only

First Time Only
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First Time Only

General Description :
First Time Only is an Arcade Top Down Game, where you help a Backsliding Turkey to survive.
To get the best score, you must survive as long as possible. The game is pretty challenging so it might take a couple of tries. ^^

We would love to hear from you! So please feel free to send us a screenshot with your highest scores or comments, at !

We hope that we'll help you remember that the first time, is always special!

Controls :
Press the Arrow keys to Move the character.
Press Spacebar to trigger a Dash.
Press Alt + Enter to switch between Windowed and Fullscreen mode. The Window is also fully adjustable.

Installation Instructions :
Just download the game to your computer, unzip the file, then Double-Click on the executable file ( FirstTimeOnly.exe ).

Troubleshooting :
Smartscreen seem to cause some issues on Windows 8. Unfortunately we have no solution for the moment.
Fullscreen mode on some high resolutions might also cause some issues or visual bugs. If you encounter issues, you should try playing in Windowed mode.