Jam is strange


Yellow TEAM

created @NIFFF 2014-2018



A Narrative Royale game by Team Rocket LLC

from Neuchâtel Switzerland

This game, amazing follow-up to "The One and Only" — the 2014 masterpiece created by the creators of the Epic Game Jam — is yet another deep questioning about our relationship with the video game medium and how we should apprehend its existence in a game jam context.

All our efforts were put in the drawings and sound effects, while the code was quickly mashed on a keyboard by some sweaty fingers. This game — a #TeamBlue game in its heart — was masterfully orchestrated by Wuthrer, the troubled mind and mascot of the Epic Game Jam, helped by the talented Team Rocket — which is as good with drawing as they are with baking pizza.

We hope you'll enjoy your time with this experiment and think again about all those hours lost on Battle Royales or other lesser games. 

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