More Hexagons

More Hexagons






One (wo)man made

Genre: Puzzle
Country: GB
Edition: 2014
Live Event:

Build a hive out of hexagonal tiles.

Pieces with too few connections will decay over time. Red pieces are “explosives” – they will destroy nearby pieces. Green pieces are “memories” – they are not easily destroyed.

The game ends when your hive has been destroyed.

Controls: mouse only.


First Time - Okay, I'm stretching things a bit. All I can think of is that the first time you put down a piece, things are nice and relaxed and easy – but as time goes on, more and more explosives appear, and you’re increasingly constrained as to where you can place things. Okay, it doesn’t really fit that well. In my defence, I didn’t even notice that the Epic Game Jam *had* a main theme until quite late on, I thought it was just all the subthemes. Ah well.

Mayonnaise Physics – Planned, but not implemented. I had intended to introduce Mayonnaise pieces that move around the screen, but decided at the last minute that they’d be too silly.

Speed Limit: 0km/h – Everything stays where it is. Nothing moves around. Take that, mayonnaise!

Right Part, Left Part of the Brain – Arguably. The constrained logic of matching tiles up, plus the art and creativity of building your hive.

A Rare and Splendid Delicacy – Honey. Well, what did you think this beehive was for?

Grey areas – Literal ones, around the outside of the big hexagon, preventing you from building too far.