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A Dating app simulator game by VadeMetro

from Peseux Switzerland

Have you ever dreamt of chatting with Nicolas Cage on a fake dating app? Well.. Rankr doesn't exactly let you live that dream.. but almost ! It should have... but you know.. delays, delays, delays..

Turn on your fake phone, go into our fake app store to download our fake dating app and match with fake people and hurt their real feelings (and probably yours too). Do away with those fucking Tinder matches that don't answer half the fucking time, forget about those ugly ass girls you get everyday on Once and say goodbye to those fake blonde bimbos from Bumble. On Rankr, every match will give you her undivided attention, and - who knows - might even land you in jail ! And once you're in there, you'll have all the time in the world to unlock the 8 original endings to get that 100% achievement (because you know very well your wife will never feel complete without them).


  • Chat with up to 200 characters (197 to be released in an upcoming DLC) !
  • Make your way through 8 original endings !
  • Unlock all 8 achievements to become an irresistible sex machine !
  • Stare in awe at our amazing notification system (which only exists to show how many fucking sub themes we were able to cram up in there) ! 
  • Cringe at the badly written dialogue and one dimensional characters !
  • Curse loudly at your computer screen because of the bugs we weren't able to fix in time !

------------ UPDATES -------------

03.07.17 - Major bug fix

------------ CREDITS --------------

Dan Bourquin (Game dev)

Julien Bono (Senario)

Romane Donnet (Dialogue software, Game Dev)