Remember 1945

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Application Mac et PC

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A Historic - story driven - sidescroller 2D game by Remember

from Saxon Switzerland

Remember 1945 is a game set in both 1945 and 1980 in eastern Germany under Soviet occupation. Follow Helga on the road to Berlin as she tries to catch her bird who escaped. There, she will remember dark times of her past she had burried deep inside herself.

Remember 1945 is inspired by events narrated in Antony Beevor's book : "Berlin: The Downfall 1945".


This game is a homage to the women who suffered the atrocities of the Soviet after World War II.


We made this game using Construct 2 and Photoshop.


Team Remember : Céline Froidevaux & Frédéric Lourenço for their first Game Jam !