Sandro's Super Sprint



created @NIFFF 2014-2018


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A Racing game by Tower Defense are not Allowed

from Nyon Switzerland

Sandro's Super Sprint est un jeu de voiture à deux joueurs. Chaque joueur incarne une personnalité d'un conducteur schizophrène et peut, à tout moment, prendre le contrôle du bolide. Mais attention, à la moindre collision frontale, votre manque de skill récompensera votre adversaire avide de terminer les 50 kilomètres qui le sépare de sa tendre grand-mère.


Sandro's Super Sprint is a car game for two players. Every player embodies a personality of a schizophrenic driver and can, at any time, take control of the racing car. But be aware that in the slightest head-on collision, your lack of skill will reward your opponent eager to end the 50 kilometers which separates him from his kind grandmother.


How to play

Player 1: "A" turn left / "D" turn right / "S" take priority

Player 2: "arrow left" turn left / "arrow right" turn right / "arrow down" take priority