supercalifragilisticexpialidocious anti-social simulator : how to not talk to people at surprise parties




Genre: No fun game
City: Neuchatel
Country: CH
Edition: 2018
Live Event: NIFFF

You're bourré, sleepy and some fils de flutes are doing the fete in your own house, without your consentement.
So you pretty much behave like an antisocial during the party and find a way to end it.

Mais attention ! If you get in the mood, you might not want to end it anyway, which is not your goal !

Interact with many objets in your own mansion, get to call the police with the phone and survive to the """""fun""""" party !

You're epic enough to

- Download the zip file,
- Unzip the folder,
- And double-click on the .exe inside of it,
D'ailleurs, you need to have fun too in order to play it correctly.

HOW TO PLAY IT (keyboard)
WASD : Move
Mouse : Camera control
Interact : E
Pause  : Escape

Left stick : Move
Right stick : Camera Control
Interact : Right button (B on xbox, O on playstation)
Pause : Start button