Tie Guy's presentation: How to get best, awesome tie, a shopkeeper girl and fight the inquisition - All for free!



WebGL & SourceDownload

A Adventure (very professional... maybe) game by Made in a Cave

from Oberwinterthur Switzerland

This is a presentation about exactly what the title says. Our team found the ultimate tie and shows you what you'll have to expect if you happen to be in the same situation. We even got it for free! Free money - Imagine that!

Click Spacebar to talk and use directional keys to walk, shift to run.

Intro text is not showing properly currently (some gremlins state A is not A when written down) - thus the introduction to the presentation is currently skipped. We assure you, that our team is working 24/7 to educate the gremlins that if something looks like an A, smells like an A, behaves like an A and claims to be an A most likely ​is​ an A. If our efforts fail we will of course make the full introdcution available to read here.