• 1) Start making a game
  • 2) Include all the themes
  • 3a) Sleep
  • 3b) Curse the code


  • 3c) Cry a little
  • 4) Pull yourself together
  • 5) Carry on
  • 6) Make an Epic game


A game jam is a collective or individual challenge during which participants are given a limited amount of time to create a video game from scratch. There are no losers and no winners. The main goal of a game jam is to bring people together, to experiment and most important of all, to have fun. But who knows? The experience might give birth to something bigger and better. Your one-shot prototype could indeed turn out to be the first step to an awesome project! Also, everybody can join!

p>The making of a video game involves many different ingredients, these being visual, technical or, more generally, creative. The goal of a game jam is to take up a challenge and to enjoy the most of it : the final outcome is not that important. Therefore, whatever your background or level of experience, you are all warmly invited to take part in this adventure! Expert, newbie or amateur, the will beats the skills.

The Epic Game Jam is based on one main theme that jammers have to integrate one way or another into their creation. If the theme can be recognized, perceived or experienced as such (even in a broad sense) by the gamers, the game is considered legit.

What is so special about the Epic Game Jam is that an undisclosed number of subthemes will be added along the way. The more subthemes you include in your game, the more epic points you get. Keep a close eye on @EpicGameJam or on this website to be sure you don’t miss any of them. Whether or not you decide to embrace this extra challenge is completely up to you, but it sure will spice up your creativity!

Well, dear jammers, YOU! Share your ideas, add them directly here on the website. The main theme and all the other subthemes will then be picked by lucky draw.

Jammers are asked to create their game from beginning to end in the prescribed time (here, 45 hours). The projects, in their final version, have to be uploaded no later than the deadline indicated by the countdown timer on the website. Jammers are free to use all their favorite techniques, platforms, tools, languages and frameworks. If you are not making them yourself, please don’t forget to credit the creators of the scripts and assets you download in your finished game!

*We keep an open mind and love Creativity with a capital “A”. Please note however that we reserve ourselves the right to exclude all productions that are gratuitously disrespectful or offensive, or simply contradictory to the values that the Epic Game Jam holds at heart.