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A game by The fantastic Unicorns


Genre: Brawler
City: Lucern
Country: CH
Edition: 2017
Live Event: MuDA

The game is a local multiplayer game, where you can control a train and a unicorn. You can switch between your unicorn and your train by key press.


This is a local multiplayer game. It supports up to 7 people (3 on the keyboard and 4 with gamepads/controllers). Every player receives a unicorn and a train. You can switch between the unicorn and the train and are not able to control both at the same time.


They run around the pizza. You have two turrets on your train and can switch between them. With one you shoot your tomato sauce to take territory on the pizza. With the other one you shoot cheese (Mozzarella) that slows down unicorns.


The unicorns bring ingredients on the pizza. They get them from bowls on the side. Using their horns they can pick up the ingredients and you should try to put the ingredients on places you own. It will take some time for the ingredient to give a point to you. Other players can switch the ownership of the area with their turrets on the train to steal the point.

Unicorns also can get special abilities. Use them wisely and listen closely.

Starting the game

Every player wanting to take part in a round need to register them self on the main menu. You do so by pressing the forward/fire button on your keyboard or gamepad/controllers.


Some newer versions are available on the GitHub repository with bug fixes and improvements that didn't make it into the release for the end of the EpicGameJam.