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A Party game game by R.I.D.E — Régie Intercantonale en Divertissement Electronique

from Fribourg Switzerland

AYAYAHUASCA™ is a multiplayer party game where the goal of the players is to offer the ultimate cosmic trip to Western tourists. But be careful not to overload the dose, or you're sure to overdose the poor guy!

  • Matthieu Noël: Master of Illusions and Chief Animator of Virtual Realms
  • Michael Bartels: Grand Maestro of Game Design and Visual Artistry
  • Nicolas Buntschu: Lord of the Digital Web and Master of Netcode Sorcery
  • Olivier Wenger: Code Wizard and Game Development Enchanter
  • Julien Minguely: Supreme Commander of Projects and Mastermind of Gaming Realities