Cat Souls

created @Interlope


Download (Win64)

A Platformer puzzle game by Mantra

from Nice France

A story about a cat trapped between realities. 
Try to find all the golden paws before escaping the box.
Don't be too long or you'll die.



               KEYBOARD           GAMEPAD
Camera:       mouse                right stick
Walk:           Z,Q,S,D               left stick
Jump:           space                       A
Attack:         left click                    X
Talk:                E                           B
Aim:               tab                      R3,RT

This is my first Gamejam using Unreal Engine, please be gentle ;)

As you might guess, I do not own the assets (except the ugly ones). So, due to the lack of time, i will add credits later :P


Kevin MacLeod : Sneaky Snitch 
Iron Maiden : Transylvania


Made with Unreal Engine 4.27