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A game by La Jambom Team


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Genre: Kind Of Actionish
Country: CH
Edition: 2014
Live Event:

DISCLAIMER: game for two players only!! Don't try alone it would be silly :)

Epiiiig! is a fast paced two player game where you struggle to perform 3 "first time" before your opponent. Beware it's full of epicness!

player1 -> a, d, w
player2 -> left, right, up

It's a Flash game so you don't have much to do in order to play it.


Aurelien Da Campo - code/game design - aurelien.dacampo@gmail.com
Joel Lauener - code/game design - joellauener@zappedcow.com
Ramiz Morina - art/anim - morina.ramiz@gmail.com
Gwenael Bonfanti - sfx/music - gwenaelb@gmail.com