HANABOOM!? - A Summer Sweat Story


Yellow TEAM

created @NIFFF 2014-2018


itch.io (Download)

A Clicker Couch Countdown game by Tchagata Games

from Lausanne Switzerland

[WARNING: Qwertz Keyboard Layout! You CAN map your keyboard upon launch

FOR BEST RESULTS, Open the game in the 1920x1080 screen resolution]

Nb of Player(s): 1-4

Open the Gates of Clicker Pleasure! For Sweat and Glory! 


When you Hear "GO!": Tap your Button the EXACT AMOUNT of Time,

Not Enough « Tap » / Your Firework will not Ignite: YOU'RE OUT!

Too Much « Tap » / You Explode: YOU'RE OUT!


Each round, if you’re not first, the system add some handicap points (-1/-2).

You've got more taps to make next round to survive.

Mathematical Madness!?!


Let the Aesthetical Loops enter your Heart!

Be the last one to survive,

Please the crowd,

Be Yellow,

Be Epic.


Website / Twitter / Facebook / Youtube

Tchagata Team: Seiko Rubattel, Nicolas Schluchter, Matthieu Pellet, David Javet

Made during the Epic Game Jam 2018 in Neuchâtel, Switzerland