Kiss'Em App !?

Kiss'Em App !?
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Kiss'Em App!? Materials/Screenshots

A Libertine Transmedia Card Game game by Tchagata Games/Silver Thorax

from Lausanne Switzerland


Friendship ruined Late Bird Valved

Do you remember the first time you experienced a kiss? The sweet caress of lips-on-lips action taking you to a place expanding beyond your physical boundaries, a land of cherry trees filled pastures and dancing otters. Kiss’Em App !? is all about reliving that transhumanist experience once again. It’s all about smack-ing the whole wide world with your sweet sweet kisses.
With the help of our libidinal powers we tried to:
-Channel our love for the 90s Bar Code Battler system into a jam-makeable game.
-Make a comment on current social interactions by having all the communications flow happen inside the mobile devices instead of out-loud as in regular card games.
-Contemplate the ideas of creative and sexual freedom. 
Number of players : 3-6
How To Play : inside the .zip you will find a full game package containing the instructions, 6 double-sided cards (illustration/QR code) that you can print, cut and fold in order to make the booklet and the playing cards. Every player should then install the « Kiss’Em App !? » App on their device in order to play. At that point, just read the instructions and fall in love…


Lead Programmer : David Roulin (Silver Thorax)
Lead Artist : Matthieu Pellet (Tchagata Games)
GUI Designer/Programmer/Game Designer : Nicolas Schluchter (Tchagata Games)  
Game Designer/Textual Designer : David Javet (Tchagata Games)
Emotional support: Naoko and Amalia