Lanny In Pieces



A game by Hilgames

Genre: Adventure
Country: CH
Edition: 2014

Lanny is a small planarian that lives inside an aquarium of a school. He is friends with a seahorse, Danny. One day, the aquarium managers discovers that there is a "planarian infestation" inside the aquarium, and decides to clean the aquarium, transfering all animals and plants to a new aquarium.

Lanny's friend love it so much they don't want to miss it in the new aquarium, so they give Lanny the idea to give pieces of himself to everyone so it can be "reglued" after the process.

Then starts Lanny's adventure through the old aquarium, trying to give everyone a small piece of himself.

Most of the animals at first be wondered that a planarian can talk, because it's the first time they've ever seen that, but end up accepting to carry a small piece of it (friends section), but some of them end up eating the small piece, and find him so delicious that they eat Lanny (foes section) - that's a game over.

Additionally, when swimming near the aquarium surface, Lanny may be caught up by a fishing net, another game over.

He needs to collect food in the way, so he can regenerate.

Gameplay: swim (keyboard arrows) and talk to other animals (space)