Original Freak Battle EX


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A game by We Like Boss Fights



10+ Subthemes Michael Bayed Honorable Mention Late Bird

Genre: Action Platformer
City: Fribourg
Country: CH
Edition: 2014

Will you be able to slain some of the most tremendous and grotesque monstrosities you've ever seen? 
Come and challenge the Super Bacon Brothers, the Polymorphic Turtle or even the Fabulous Rainbow Duck! And don't be decentralized by their silly appearance, they are deadlier than you think...


Hoang-Qui Cung, Developer, cung.qui@gmail.com, @monkeykingindie, @qui_cung
Hoang-Thao Cung, Graphic designer, cungthao@gmail.com
Gwenaël Bonfanti, Sound designer, gwenaelb@gmail.com