PRODIGO - The Monster Festival



created @NIFFF 2014-2018


PDFfiles (Make your own game style!!!)

A An Epic Card Game for Little Monsters game by Momo-π

from Lausanne / Kyoto Japan Switzerland

The Monster Festival just started!

Food stalls are everywhere and the smell of fried noodles fills the air.

Everybody is invited:

Tentacles, spacesuits, blobs, robots and horns!


You are selling your very own special food, from your home planet.

Get as many customers as possible.

But, be careful, Monsters are very picky.

You need to use the correct employee to call each monster.

And Let the Mon-Mon-Monstruous Festivities Begin!


Age: 4-99 yrs old

Playtime: 20 min

Players: 3-4


Prodigo (verb, lat.) = To push in front

Prodigium (noun, lat.) = Monster (said in a posh manner, Cicero style)