Stux 100% Goblin 100% Shoot

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A Action shooter 2D game by Les bras sacrément cassés

from Genevofribourgeois Switzerland

Do you like Goblins? 
Do you like shooting things? 
Stuff like unbearable mages, even more unbearable archer or PV bagging brutes? 

Stux is here to satisfy that urge for violence that resides in all of us. But where is he? Why is he doing this? Who are these people who seem to roam the corridors of this endless, box-like place? Is he still alive? Is he fighting to stay alive? What about these enemies? Are they dead or alive? Are they just enemies?

At some point the code of this jam will reach its limit, after all we couldn't come up with something precise enough to be infinite? Or is it the whole concept? 

The game is badly made? Is it genius (oui, coeur sur vous les dévs) ?Or is it deliberate? Is it deliberate to make you think it's deliberate that it's badly made? Or is it the consequence of all those damn questions that make you think there's a reason why it doesn't work? 

So many questions that can only be answered by the gentle clanking of your trusty axe-shotgun mechanism, Vesper. 

Have fun kids!

(You have to download the zip. file to run the game)