Tie Breaker

created @Interlope


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A Action Sentient Corporate Attire Roguelite game by Team Kwakwa

from Lausanne Switzerland

For too long, neckties have been at the beck and call of their corporate masters. Constantly mistreated by bad folding, lunch breaks and long hours. But today is the day one brave tie will break out of its cubicle prison. Regardless that it's still attached to its owner. 

Take the control of a rogue tie and fight your way through the workspace, taking down coworkers who want to stop you. 

Collect power ups to change your attacks, heal you up, boost your damage or your speed and make your way to the final showdown!


Download linkhttps://teamkwakwa.itch.io/tie-breaker


A game by Elias Farhan (Programming), Greg Bedford (SFX) and Hoot (Visuals)



WASD - Move

Space - Attack