Transplant Academy: the beauty and the bistury or the rise of the tomb filler



created @NIFFF 2014-2018


Version HTML

Version PC

Version Mac

A Party game game by Slipless

from Fribourg Switzerland

This is a two players cross-platform game. It is possible to use keyboard, but we strongly suggest using joypads.  Use a 16/10 aspect ratio for the best experience (but will work anyway).

The story

As an unemployed single woman with high needs, you are looking for a job that pays well. Currently, the most successful enterprise is the Catcheet Hospital located in one of the huge castles of the Island. 

You just got an interview with the Hospital Manager and setup a trial period. Your job ? Proving that you are the best at organ transplant... Or at least better than the other candidate.

How to play

There is a tutorial available, make use of it ! 

If you are too tired to read, here are some tips to get you started:

  • You save patients by giving them the organ they need (another organ will kill them).
  • Your patients are the ones on the beds of your player color.
  • Unicorns are bonuses: they replace any organ. 
  • If the hospital money (top left counter) reaches 0, you both loose.
  • Beds can be moved. Organs can be trashed. 

We'll let you figure out the rest :).


During the game, you will need a set of inputs to move and one button to interact with organs and beds. In a nutshell:

  • press the button to pickup organs 
  • press the button to drop organs (on a bed ==> transplant it, in the wormhole ==> trash it)
  • hold the button to move a bed (works only when you don't carry organs)

Depending on your setup, buttons are:

  • Keyboard: ASWD + E, ARROWS + SPACE. 
  • XBox Controllers: left joystick, A button.
  • Other controllers: try every button until you find the one !

Press escape to pause/unpause the game, use keyboard and/or mouse to navigate menus.

Mapping controllers

A pane will let you configure the controllers at the beginning of the level. The first player presses a button, then the second player. That's it ! 

In case a controller disconnects during the game, the pane will show up again and you need to do the mapping operation again. 

If anything goes wrong, you can summon the mapping pane by pausing the game (escape) and pressing the "Remap Controllers" button.


This game has been done by a team four developers. All has been made during the Epic and by us only, except the music (special thanks to another epicjamer).

Let us know the strategies you come up with in the comments !